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Rebuilding Your Credit Score with an Auto Title Loan

A good credit score has a great factor to play on how easy you get an auto title loan. Bad credit doesn't mean you won't be getting an auto title loan, it only means you will be getting it at a higher interest rate. You get to pay more interest rate that is higher than you would if you had good credit. Oh well, it is not too late to consider rebuilding your credit score. The following are the basic steps to follow in order to rebuild your credit score for an auto title loan in Jacksonville.

Check your credit score

You can start rebuilding your credit score by having a knowledge of what your credit score says. Know your credit score and have copies of your credit report with you. Having your credit report is the first step to rebuild your credit score. You need to know what your credit report says so that you can know the exact places you need to improve on. A check through your credit report will also help you to point out errors that need to be rectified.

Now pay your existing bills

Pay up all existing bills and credit in full and on time. Your history of on-time payment has a great effect on your credit score. So, when rebuilding your credit score you can't afford to forget or miss any payment. This will help you to maintain a healthy and strong credit history that will help you reach your goal.

Reduce the age of your credit

The age of your credit is another factor that contributes to your credit score. It contributes about 15% to your credit score. The age of your credit is calculated by considering the age of your oldest account together with the average age of all your accounts. However, you should never close your old credit accounts because it can affect your credit utilization while making it difficult to build a solid credit history.

Fix your credit with a secured credit card

A secured credit card can help you to repair and rebuild your credit history and raise your credit score. This is in terms of you making a deposit that serves as your credit limit. You can easily and patiently fix your credit score by opening or registering for a secured credit card.

Rebuilding a credit score can't materialize overnight. You need to consistently follow the above steps, and with time your credit score should experience some improvements. Also, ensure that you continue to measure your activities and do not relent in trying to keep up with a healthy credit report. You shouldn't give up at all. Read more at https://www.supermoney.com/2018/01/get-auto-equity-loan-without-clear-title/

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